How’s my life?

I satisfied myself to get this human life among Buddha’s Dhamma. I was born in a village so i am a villager .

I grew up some various environments where are full of unfair, so i  have debt to pay back  for what i have done to living things because of …”believing in the Doing and its effects “.

Most of the time, i thought about the life way what i have to pass on. The life may have so many different things which we want or not . In this life , we can choose what we want to pass  with the good deeds .

we have to notice Death if we don’t have enough knowledge of it because it can come to us any time without warning or alerting us. One thought which is that if there is a bearing, there will be a death too is unchangeable/universal truth. However, Most of the people including me think that we are immortal  in our unconscious mind. If we come across with death , we must be afraid to go  out from active human life within attachment . In fact, Death must take us without understanding any situations that happen to us.

Death can’t be controlled! so how can we prepare for our life plan till to the end. I found only one way to prepare for my life is Living with Dhamma. It can take me dare to live the rest- life whatever  it come. Dhamma is fair. Dhamma can solve everything. How can we get dhamma in our mind ? I learned the way about meditation from Monk who delivers the dhamma of Buddha . So , As the Buddha’s way,  We can keep dhamma  by meditation.

Do you know how  we can meditate every time? Meditation is marking in mind . We can know what is happening in our mind when we meditate . If we have practice in Meditation , we have mindfulness.  Mindfulness is the best thing for every field in human socialization. We can succeed in  every competition with mindfulness. It can take us to the peaceful stage. One thing we need to do is to practice in Mindfulness.

Meditation, In this practice , the easy way is to notice in breathing .At this time, the air  touch at the tip of nose whenever we breathe in and out. If you want to know more about dhamma and meditation, you can ask to our teacher, Monk who can answer all questions concerned with dhamma and meditation.

My blog lead to the living with Dhamma. so Thanks to myself for writing like that. 😛




9 thoughts on “How’s my life?

  1. Marvellous! How nice yr Dhamma share is! I am very surprised to see this Dhamma paper.Great!
    I do really appreciate for sharing us yr first Dhamma blog today.
    I like yr idea of thinking on yr life,indeed,yr essence of life.It is very useful to know how mindfulness is so important to all,we,human beings because this human being ‘s life is so worthy for us.
    As you said ,mindfulness is the essential thing for us in any situation.
    Mindfulness is the best thing for every field in human socialization. I like these words and agree with you.
    From my point of view,we can’ be able to take meditation without mindfulness although we practice any way to approach to realize the noble truth.
    Our Buddha said,we can achieve Nivanna through mindfulness.
    In fact,mindfulness can bring us not only peace but knowing the four noble truths in the end of our path.
    I am very thankful again to read yr good ideas of Dhamma and sharing to us all.
    Hoping that you will fulfil yr wish and goal on someday with mindfulness.

    1. Ma ChoZin….. Thanks for reading my blog .

      DoDo… my friend, thanks for sharing your idea to me too. mindfulness is needing every time we are alive . I will try as i said . Thank you . 🙂

  2. Thanks a lots!!!!! i read it your blog,I think that i get one of the feeling.This feeling gives me a good knowledge and to be fresh in my mind.I like your idea and your thinking.I also think that.Thanks you.:)

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